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Living in this community my entire life and as a business owner I understand the struggles it has, and will face, as good as anyone. As a member of the South Iron School Board I have seen what education cuts from Jefferson City do first hand. As Iron County Presiding Commissioner, I have worked to create a balanced budget in the county and for the first time in 10 years we are operating in the black. I’m running to be your representative because I will fight for job creation, to fully fund our schools, and I will not cater to special interest in Jefferson City.



As Iron County Presiding Commissioner I have a proven track record. For the first time in 10 years the county is operating with a budget surplus, this could not have been achieved without my commitment to a balanced budget. Jefferson City insiders have lined their pockets for too long, and this has created a budget crisis. I will work to make Jefferson City accountable again by decreasing wasteful spending, while still holding onto the promises of a greater education for kids by fully founding our rural schools.


Being in the business world for over 40 years I have displayed continuous integrity in his business practices. With all the special interest in Jefferson City this rural community needs someone who will display integrity by upholding the rural values of this great community. My loyalty to the rural Missouri will not waver if sent to Jefferson City, I will continue to fight for the community I represent, even when the issues are on the other side of the aisle.


Security for now and for future generations will be my first priority if elected. Serving on the South Iron School board for over 16 years and serving on numerous boards and commissions related to economic growth I have the experience to bring jobs back to rural Missouri and rededicate our commitment to education. For far too long our main streets have been drying up, and our rural way of life has not been a priority. I promise to fight for job creation and small business friendly initiatives, just as I have with the Stronger Economies Together Plan.